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Screw piles can solidly support the structure of your project, and if you are interested in this solution, G & M Screw Piles can help. We will install screw piles deep into the ground, beneath the ground freezing level, and this option is similar to that of a giant screw. 

We are experts in this field and have years of experience with screw piles so you can place your trust in our team. We use specialized equipment to anchor them into place, and a helix plate will be situated at the bottom of the shaft so the piles can be used to support both new and existing structures. Whether you want to support a house, patio, fence, or garden shed, screw piles are ideal because they can securely support these structures. 




Why Screw Piles?

Screw piles deliver advantages over other deep foundation systems. This includes reduced environmental footprint, speed of installation, and a variety of applications in diverse soil conditions.
The responsible choice

  • The fastest, most flexible deep foundation option available.
  • Quiet, low disturbance method.

It’s not just for light loads

  • High-quality custom designs for projects of all scopes
  • Helix design dramatically increases bearing capacity and pull-out resistances


Our equipment is state of the art with the capability of installing each screw pile to the correct torque specification for your project. We can generate a report of each screw pile which can be sent by e-mail upon request.


Unlike concrete foundations, screw piles are installed below the ground’s frost line and offer unparalleled stability because they are impervious to ground movements. This is true even if the quality of the soil is poor and on inclines as well. Additionally, they are also less expensive than concrete foundations, so it’s a great alternative you can consider, and you will appreciate the many benefits, including a perfectly levelled structure, no damage to landscape or structures and no delays between the end of the installation and the start of your project. 

We can install them regardless of the season, and these are perfect for restricted spaces. Screw piles are also removable, and the system is reusable, so there are many advantages you will enjoy. Our team consists of expert installers who prioritize customer service so you can have peace of mind knowing you are in good hands.



By screwing the piles into the ground, it means less soil displacement. With less soil displacement there is no excess material to be removed from the site. This is better for the environment and huge cost savings. Instead of waiting for cement to harden, you can start building immediately on our piles capped to your specifications. It can be screwed under the frost line to give you the confidence that your structure is secured. Another benefit of screw piles is that they can be removed to be recycled and in some cases to be reused. They are the perfect solution for permanent or even semi-permanent structures.


In terms of cost, this aspect will vary, and we can discuss every detail whenever you give us a call. We will tell you how much screw piles cost based on the specifics of your project, along with the capacity and foundation requirements. Our cost will also include installation, so contact us today if you have any questions or require more information!



You can find screw piles under a variety of structures such as grain bins, livestock shelters, gate posts, retaining walls, shops, sheds, school portables, shipping containers and numerous other applications.

Screw piles are often the #1 choice when it comes to foundations.