There are many ways to build a foundation to support a deck or a porch. Homeowners sometimes just put posts in the ground as a barebones solution without a foundation, and others can end up committing to building a pier and footing. If you choose to ignore building a foundation and rely on putting posts in the ground, this is not a long-lasting solution. This is because the post will be able to move and shift due to the ground freezing, swelling and changing. This will result in your deck becoming uneven. It will also cause the screws and bolts to loosen, eventually leading to the destruction of the deck.

The other solution is to excavate your property to create a space for the footing of the deck or porch. This can be a lot of work and something not many homeowners will want to commit to. You will need to excavate, set your footing, do a rebar installation, get concrete to pour in and lastly, wait for the concrete to cure. All of this will almost double the amount of time to build the deck, especially if you live in a climate with harsher conditions or more unpredictable weather.

screw piles for deck

However, there is some good news. You won’t have to commit to either end of those extremes if you choose to rely on screw piles. These are a great alternative to building concrete piers or staking down wooden posts. These are installed underneath the frost line, so they will have the same great results that a concrete pier does without all the hassle associated with installing them. Our expertly trained installation technicians will be able to set you up with screw piles for your porch or deck in just a short amount of time. </br>

GM Screw Piles for Deck

Our screw piles are specially designed to provide you with solid support to go underneath your deck or porch. And the great news is that they will be virtually unaffected by the weather. When you secure your deck or porch to our screw piles, even high winds will not be able to lift the deck since the screw piles have a high level of tensile strength. Shifting grounds caused by freezing and thawing will not affect the screw piles either.

When you are excavating to build your deck, this can ruin the look of your backyard and result in you needing to spend even more time and money on repairing the old landscaping that you used to have and enjoy. However, installing screw piles does not cause as much disruption as that. The only place that will be disrupted is the exact diameter needed to install the screw pile itself, and this will resettle nicely once the pile is finished installing. There will be no repair necessary for the landscaping, and you can continue cutting grass as usual.

G&M Screw Piles can provide you with more information regarding screw piles for decks or other types of projects. We are one of the top excavating companies in Edmonton, so contact us today if you have any questions or require additional information!