Helical piles are used globally, and while many people think this is something new, they have been around since the early 1800s, and helical piles are screwed into the ground by certified and professional installers based on required torque specifications. Helical screw piles are essentially a replacement for using a traditional sonotube form and poured concrete foundation, and the technology behind this type of foundation is reliable, so you can have peace of mind in this regard. 

Helical Screw Piles

Helical screw piles are used for deep foundation support and are manufactured in various sizes and capacities for compression and tension loading. They consist of a round, hollow and tubular section of pipe. This area serves as the lead section of the pile shaft and is welded to a helical plate close to the bottom of the pipe. Depending on soil conditions and loading requirements, screw piles can be manufactured with single, double or triple helix attached to the pipe shaft, and helical piles can be used to support everything from light residential decks, signs, solar fields, bridges, home additions and multi-story commercial buildings that require from 500lbs to 175,000lbs of load per pile. 

Hollow steel tubes will be utilized to stabilize structures by anchoring the load to the surrounding ground. Unlike a driven pile, helical piles are screwed deeply into the earth, which can be done section by section if necessary. They will be screwed into the ground until it is proven that the area can adequately hold the required bearing capacity of the structure, so they are ideal when creating a new foundation, underpinning weakening foundations, or better stabilizing existing foundations in preparation for heavier loads. 

Screw Piles for Deck

Helical piles are considered a perfect foundation anchor solution when soil conditions are not suitable for the weight of a structure. Soil that is soft or oversaturated will settle and pack down over time which can cause the entire structure to move out of alignment. This can be extremely dangerous, so a solid foundation is a must because this will prevent the structure from moving. There are several benefits associated with using helical piles, including a quick and clean installation process, instant torque-to-capacity feedback for production control, higher efficiency in limited access sites and easier modification while in the field. Additionally, helical screw piles can be loaded immediately, and you will not have to deal with high-mobilization costs associated with driven piles, drilled shafts or auger cast piles. 

Helical screw piles are cost-effective, and this option is also practical because of its minimal environmental impact. They are known for their excellent performance when deep foundations are required or where construction is needed close to other structures. 

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